Nyheder August 2021


Our stay at Lipela has come to the end. It was one of the longest since Lipela was founded.

All the children are sound. Those at primary school, secondary schools, and technical primary institutions have resumed school after the holidays break at Lipela. Due to COVID, the school calendar was interrupted and this is the period the students at school are proceeding to the next class. The 4 boys who are to start technical studies are waiting for their admission comes September.

We have succeeded to have taken 4 new children from the same family -2 twin boys and 2 twin girls. The mother who is mentally ill disappeared leaving the father, who is living with a disability, in charge of the 5 children. They are both HIV positive with no stable source of income having to live on what they get from well-wishers.

The small house repairs are all done a big dam was established to settle the water shortage during the dry spell.

The fence has been set up, this time with iron sheets.

We are still on the process of securing the renewal of the facility registration permit, the necessary paperwork has been done, and we are now waiting for the authority response.

Lots of greetings from big and small Lipela kids

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